Background. Ira S. Kalb is President of Kalb & Associates, a consulting and training firm that specializes in marketing, sales, management and business systems, K&A Press, a publishing firm that publishes books and articles written by Kalb & Associates consultants, and Out-of-this-World Marketing, a marketing communications firm that creates marketing materials that effectively sell. He teaches courses in marketing, international management, business systems and sales for major universities, corporations and organizations around the world, where he has received numerous distinctions and awards for his teaching including the Golden Apple Teaching Award.
Prior Work Experience. Prior to founding Kalb & Associates, he served eight years as Vice-President of Marketing and President of Compal Computer Systems, a California corporation 25% owned by Xerox that specialized in developing, marketing and installing microcomputer systems and software for businesses. Before joining Compal, Mr. Kalb spent six years as a staff and senior consultant with such top firms as Accenture and Economics Research Associates. This experience has given him an in-depth background in systems, management, and feasibility consulting as well as a staff perspective of a variety of companies in many different industries.

Publications. He has written, as well as been featured and quoted in, numerous published articles, and is considered one of the pioneers of the multi-billion dollar microcomputer industry. He has appeared on such TV programs as the CBS evening news, NBC evening & morning news, NBC program Third Thursday, CNN’s Headline News and Rick’s List, NPR’s Morning Edition, and KNX/CBS radio. He is also the author of the following books: Nuts & Bolts Marketing, The Fundamentals of High-tech Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know, Selling High-tech Products and Services, Structuring Your Business For Success, Marketing Your Legal Services, Zero Budget Marketing, Creating Your Own Marketing Makes Good $ & Sense, e-Marketing: What went wrong… How to do it Right, and The DNA of Marketing.
Inventions. Ira has invented many original marketing and business concepts that clients and students are employing with great success in the marketplace including the Universal Marketing Structure, Universal Business Structure, Universal Sales Structure, Universal Web Structure, Moving Buying Window, Sales Army, Corporate Image Protection System, Lock & Key Positioning System, Mission Statement Creation System, Sales Booster Sales System, Rowboat Organization Model, Building Block Marketing Model, Corporate Image Creation, Protection and Enhancement System, Distribution Structure Model, Marketing and Business Plan Builders, FAB Table System, and the Objection Handling System. Note: all of these inventions are trademarks of Kalb & Associates, and Ira S. Kalb.
Education, Elections, and Activities. Mr. Kalb holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-Engineering Systems from UCLA, where he graduated with honors. He was elected President of the UCLA Graduate School of Management Students Association for the 1972 academic year.  During that year, he received the American Marketing Association’s award as Outstanding Marketing Student. He was elected President of the American Marketing Association in Southern California for the 1995/96 year, and he has served on the Board of Directors of the Jazz Bakery, one of the world’s premiere entertainment venues.
Hobbies and Interests. During high school and college, he partially supported himself by playing saxophone and other woodwind instruments in various musical groups. Along with physical fitness, music and art continue to be his major hobbies, with many of his original paintings adorning the walls of his home and office. He regularly mentors students to help them be more successful in their careers.

These creative abilities together with Ira’s unique combination of experience in line management, staff consulting, and teaching provide him with a rare multi-dimensional perspective of business that he will apply to improve the success of your organization.


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